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July 27th, 2023

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“I really met a lot of great people and gained insightful knowledge about the MSP business.  The other participants who I met seemed really energized by the event.”

-Loren Willaims, PCs for People

“I enjoyed the overall session yesterday, and the panel I was on as well. You’ve done a great job putting it all together. I was especially impressed with the caliber of people on my panel. Thank you for the opportunity.”

George Kriza, CEO – Challenging Decisions

“Thanks again for the great event! If I can do anything at all to be more involved to help, please feel free to let me know and ask! I love being involved in this community!”

Jeff Grenier, Field Engineering Manager – Firelands IT Services

“Thanks again for the MSP conference in Chicago last week. My associate Mario and I really enjoyed it and learned a ton while making some great connections.”

Jim Xintaris, IT Director – DavisPowers


Live events are back! From “real” custom content to networking with like-minded Managed Services Providers, this event was designed for you, the ATTENDEE, from the ground up. It’s not designed for vendors to provide over-the-top pitches.


What you’ll find:

  • Content that is IMMEDIATELY ACTIONABLE. The host, SMB Nation, is well-known for being an MSP content machine and the MSP Rescue Roadshow is no different. Custom content was developed for this gathering not available anywhere else.
  • “Blue Ocean” Inspiration and Motivation. The law of attraction is that optimistic successful people like successful people (and want to do business with them). Not only are our speakers and panelist esteemed and accomplished experts, so are many audience members.
  • You have QUESTIONS and we have ANSWERS. The event format is interactive.
  • Network Opportunities. Many MSPs believe the value of a LIVE EVENT is the in-person networking opportunities. This is true across any industry but particularly acute in the Small and Medium Business (SMB) space. Bring your business cards to share with peers that understand and get you.
  • You are NOT ALONE! Working as an SMB MSP, while thrilling, can also be lonely. One of the great compliments we have received at our events is that you discover we’re all in this together and you are not alone.


It’s very simple.  

Inspired by the popular TV cable show “Bar Rescue,” the MSP Rescue Roadshow realizes anyone, and everyone can improve their MSP operations. This one-day event focuses on success factors ranging from uncovering internal operational efficiencies to hedging your services, solutions and client offerings that include counter-cyclical elements.  

Over the course of the day, in an audience interactive format, you will glean insights into the basic functions of directing an MSP practice from operations, sales and marketing, service delivery and strategic thinking.  

By design, we have a comfortable start in the morning and conclude in the late afternoon.

This one-day event is akin to a continuing education day (such as lawyers and doctors attend) to help you STAY CURRENT. 

Our presenters and panelists include:  

  • Harry (SMB MSP OG) Brelsford, CEO and Founder of SMB Nation
  • Rayanne Buchianico, Owner, MSP Accountant and PSA Consultant at ABC Solutions, LLC
  • Joe Moore, Partner – Centaris
  • Mark Moreno, CEO – The Moreno Group
  • Jesse Miller, Principal Consultant – PowerPSA
  • Eric Shorr, CEO – Secure Future Tech Solutions
  • Lisa Shorr, Vice President of Marketing – Secure Future Tech Solutions
  • Frank Ohlhorst, Senior Analyst and CTO – Magnum Consulting
  • George Sierchio, Executive Vice President and Sr. Partner – Cogent Growth Partners, LLC
  • Peter Fidler, President and Founding Partner – WCA Technologies
  • Mark Moreno, CEO – The Moreno Group, LLC
  • Fran Blanco, Sr. Director of Marketing and People Operations, eMazzanti Technologies
  • Roberto Cioffi, CTO & Co-Founder – Progressive Computing, Inc. 
  • Robert Patterson, Director of Sales and Marketing – Progressive Computing, Inc. 

Check back often as we are adding more amazing speakers! 

Who’s Speaking?

This event has the SMB Nation stamp of approval and authenticity.
We keep it
really real! 

Harry Brelsford

Harry Brelsford


SMB Nation and 420MSP

Harry Brelsford is the founder of SMB Nation ( from Bainbridge Island, Wash. He is a long-time SMB channel partner who has served customers and mentored other partners (SMB Nation has over 49,000 members who are Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and SMB technology consultants). He oversees the popular SMB Nation workflow including content and events (webinars, workshops and multi-day conferences).

He holds an MBA in Project Management from the University of Denver (and numerous certifications such as MCSE, MCT, CNE, et al) and is the author of 21 books on technology and business topics. His 20 years of SMB technology experience were supplemented by teaching 12+ years at night as an adjunct professor at Seattle Pacific University and other higher-learning institutions. He served as the Dean in the Graduate School of Technology at Aspen University (where he was awarded a PhD in Letters).

Harry is an in-demand speaker at industry events. Harry’s recent books include the “How to Be an MSP” and he has published over 400-articles in business (Washington CEO, Colorado Business, Alaska Business Monthly) and technology magazine (ChannelPro, Microsoft Certified Professional magazine, etc.). An active entrepreneur, Harry is the force behind the Pocket MBA, Telephonation, Cloud Nation and His latest startup is 420MSP.

Rayanne Buchianico

Rayanne Buchianico

Accountant, business consultant, Autotask consultant, teacher, writer, and speaker.

I am the owner of ABC Solutions, LLC. We are a full service accounting firm located in Clearwater, Florida. We specialize in working with MSPs to maximize profits through understanding their financial reports, making informed business decisions, and developing metrics to measure their success.

I am the co-host of a podcast series called PSA Impact ( We discuss all things PSA. Tips, tricks, trends in the IT Channel, and maximizing profits by making your PSA work for your company.

Joe Moore

Joe Moore

Experienced Chief Technology Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong information technology professional skilled in Storage Area Network (SAN), Domain Name System (DNS), IT Strategy, Data Center, and Windows (all versions).
Jesse Miller

Jesse Miller

Principal Consultant

Jesse Miller is a distinguished and forward-thinking information security leader, strategist, and operational powerhouse. He brings extensive technology operations, information security, and regulatory compliance experience in helping managed service providers break through and elevate their business to another level. He is recognized as an information security executive, subject matter expert, and seasoned leader. Parlaying years of security operations, CISO, and vCISO experience, Jesse launched his magnum opus – PowerPSA. Here, Jesse specializes in helping MSPs build and scale security service offerings, helping these organizations realize their maximum potential by providing their clients with best-in-class cybersecurity and risk advisory services.
Mark Moreno

Mark Moreno

Specialties: Microsoft Azure, Managed, Microsoft Office 365, Security Services ,SonicWALL Partner, Cloud Storage, Network Managed Services
Eric Shorr

Eric Shorr


In 1992, I founded my business while a student at the University of Rhode Island. My business model was quite simple – your computer broke, I fixed it. Our technology needs were much simpler then. Time and technology have advanced to a point where my IT business is more than just a technician fixing a broken computer. We have become a strategic partner to many small businesses throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

I am enthusiastic and passionate about helping small businesses (those with 10-100 employees) to eliminate all the hassle, waste and headaches of all things digital in their office. Our TotalCare Plus program is dedicated to taking over the support and maintenance of business computer networks. My vision is simple: to provide small businesses with the same enterprise-level IT services and support that larger companies have, but at a price small businesses can afford.

Lisa Schorr

Lisa Schorr

Principal Consultant

I have immersed myself in Sales and Marketing for over 25 years. My focus is on building and developing the Personal and Corporate Brands for IT and other businesses to be “polished and prepared” to handle any situation to maintain leadership credibility. The end-goal is corporate growth.

I do this by working with professionals of all levels and/or teams to build strong Intentional and empathetic Leaders that inspires others to greatness!

Frank Ohlhorst

Frank Ohlhorst

Frank is an Editor, Technology Analyst, Researcher, and Futurist. Frank focuses on IT and OT solutions used in the enterprise and SMB markets. Frank has extensive experience in the fields of cybersecurity, robotic process automation, low code platforms, and numerous enterprise level solutions. Frank is also very familiar with the IT Channel. Frank has experience as a business analyst & consultant, editor, author, blogger, and is a frequent contributor to several leading technology publications. Frank has contributed reviews, analyst reports, white papers, technology primers, and thought leadership articles to numerous publications, including eWeek, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, CIO, Enterprise Security Planet, Enterprise Networking Planet, Desktop Engineering Magazine, SD Times, Techrepublic,, Security Boulevard, and numerous other publications. Frank has written numerous white papers and research reports for fortune 5000 companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Shell Oil, HP, Apple, Dell, and several other organizations. Frank also moderates roundtables at industry events, presents at industry events and helps organize industry events.

George Sierchio

George Sierchio


I am an entrepreneurial veteran having owned and operated several successful services and consulting businesses in the last 25+ years. This includes my work as a consultant to MSP/IT Services companies, providing guidance in profitability, overall growth and M&A related activities. I am highly experienced in the areas of strategy, finance, operations, marketing, human resources and corporate structure. Specific to mergers and acquisitions, I am well versed in many areas, including growth strategy, acquisition targeting and evaluation, valuation, due diligence, deal structure, negotiations, agreement authoring, and integration planning including leading and/or advising 35+ acquisitions.
Peter Fidler

Peter Fidler

President and Founding Partner

As founding Partner of WCA Technologies, I have more than 34 years of experience enabling businesses to work smarter and faster by leveraging technology. I am constantly immersing myself in my clients’ challenges to understand their needs so that I can properly recommend solutions that are the right fit for their business. I am proud of the long-term relationships that WCA has established with clients and staff built on the company’s reputation for integrity and reliability.
Fran Blanco

Fran Blanco

A highly creative and strategic sales and marketing professional with experience in small start up organizations and Fortune 500 Companies. Taken 2 Company’s public and listed on Amex. Executes an entrepreneurial and analytical approach that delivers results. Recognized as an individual with strong instincts and team building skills. Skilled in talent acquisition, business strategy, marketing, sales and territory plan development. Additional experience in product launches, sales enablement, marketing communications, managing creative teams and branding. Also experienced in Investor Communications; including press releases, annual reports, and investor presentations. Excellent presenter. A trusted advisor to C suite with insight into Corporate positioning, competition, staffing and market dynamics as they relate to channels of distribution. Passionate about the execution of breakthrough marketing programs that lead to sales results.
Rick Smith

Rick Smith


Robert Patterson

Robert Patterson

Director of Sales and Marketing

I want to help you to NEVER have to WORRY about your technology again!
I want to introduce you to a BETTER way of providing IT SUPPORT.

I have been active in the technology community for over 20 years. In this time I have held various roles. Web developer, network engineer, consultant, account manager, community leader, speaker, moderator, sales and marketing director.
In all of this time I have excelled at two main things:

➢ I love to solve complex problems that lead to better operational efficiency.
➢ I can clearly communicate technology concepts in plain business language.

The result is that you will ALWAYS UNDERSTAND exactly what to expect from your trusted IT Partner. We can plan out what is needed to allow your business to thrive and then my team can provide the necessary support to keep everything right on track.

Robert Cioffi

Robert Cioffi

CTO and Co-Founder

Robert Cioffi, CTO & Co-Founder, pursued an entrepreneurial calling in 1993 to establish Progressive Computing with co-owner and college buddy, Ugo Chiulli. In his career at Progressive Computing, Robert has worked diligently to build the non-negotiable core values on which his company stands: Humble Confidence, Teamwork, Commitment and Respect.

Robert is widely known to be an expert public speaker on a variety technology topics. His pragmatic, decisive and creative personality is evident in the dozens of business magazine articles published by or about him in the last 2 decades including Westchester Commerce and 914Inc. He has appeared on CNBC to speak on national issues affecting small business in 2014. Robert has served as an official partner advisor to several technology companies such as Microsoft and Axcient, and is actively engaged in the IT Nation Evolve Peer Group as Facilitator for 2 different groups.

At heart, Robert is a “Go Giver” and a teacher. He was a CCD Instructor for 16 years, Lector and Council Leader in his local church, a former Board Member of the Greenburgh Public Library Foundation, and former Chairperson for the Yonkers Thrives Initiative.


Pocket MBA for MSPs

„Start the day with the Pocket MBA for MSPs foundation. In this interactive session, you will write down your Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats (SWOT) in three buckets:

„ Finder

„ Minder

„ Grinder

This start will set you up for the balance of the day as we double-click into the MSP 2023 mindset.

You will work in small groups to complete this exercise.


MSP Monsters!

WARNING: This is primarily a storytelling panel so bring your questions for the experts to answer. Sometimes you have to pause, take a step back to take two steps forward. There’s no better time to get your act together than NOW as we chart new territories. Starting with panelists storytelling, we’ll quickly take audience questions which makes this one of the most valuable sessions.



Current Environment and forecast: M&A activity is typically framed up as an open or closed window. The window is open!  The good news is you can participate in the current MSP M&A boom. In this session, the expert speakers will present the MSP M&A environment and also make forward looking statements. This is your opportunity to size up the “gold rush” in MSP M&A activity.

The Big Notebook: Speed is everything in the world of MSP M&A deals. Now is the time to engage in internal due diligence and create that big notebook with everything ready to go fast-fast. Experience ahs shown the longer you spend assembling your documentation to present to the acquirer, your entity depreciates. Time is not on your side. While is session is oriented to the sell-side, there is also great content for the buy-side so everyone wins. 

Modes, Metrics and Valuations. It’s all about maturity and math. Assessing where you are at on the maturity continuum will determine what your M&A strategy. We’ll review the Mode Mindset ™ Profiles. Next up will be the math with metrics, multipliers and expectation management when it comes to valuations.


New Niches:

A buffet of new opportunities await you!​

  • UCaaS and POTS deadline (August 6 2022)​
  • Compliancy​
  • Countercyclical Niches​
  • Lifecycle Management and TPM​
  • Cybersecurity and Security Awareness Training​
  • Cybersecurity Security Insurance


BONUS: Side Hustles

It’s very simple!
1. Please look over your handout for side hustles including Catalant and GLG.
2. Walk up to Mark and Harry during the reception for a 1:1 side hustle conversation and demo. Hey earning $300 for your advice ain’t a bad way to go!

If you’re being honest, you likely have unbillable slack hours in your MSP ecosystem. Consider both formal and informal side-hustles. Formal approaches include expert networks. Informal approaches include being a guest in the booth of your favorite vendor, assisting with billable influencer marketing and more.

Harry Brelsford
Mark Moreno


Again, very simple. Any MSP of any size from any station in life. Of course VARs, IT Service Providers and those seeking to become an MSP will dramatically benefit too.  



Complete the registration and you are IN with a reserved seat!  

Our event ticket is modestly priced to encourage your participation.  

  • Full Ticket: $99 USD 
  • Discounted Ticket: $49 (email Harry Brelsford at for a discount code).

 BONUS: Each attendee will receive an eBook copy of “The Pocket MBA” that is the latest book from Harry Brelsford (a $59.95 value).

The Pocket MBA book cover



Thursday, July 27, 2023

9:00am – 5:00pm 


  • 9:00AM – Registration and Coffee
  • 9:30AM – Welcome and Introductory Remarks
  • 9:35AM – 9:55AM Community Sponsor N-Able
  • 9:55AM –  10:15AM Community Sponsor
  • 10:15AM – 11:00AM Pocket MBA
  • 11:00AM – 11:10AM Break​
  • 11:10AM – 12:00PM MSP Monsters!
  • 12:00PM – 1:15PM LUNCH and Sponsor Showcase
  • 2:00PM – 2:45PM MSP M&A
  • 2:20PM – 2:50PM New Niches
  • 2:50PM – 3:00PM BREAK
  • 3:00PM – 3:20PM Community Sponsor
  • 3:20PM – 3:40PM – Community Sponsor
  • 3:40pm – 5:00pm – Sponsor Showcase
  • 5:00PM – End of Day


This event is being held at the Princeton Italian-American Sportsmen’s Club!  


Princeton Italian-American Sportsmen’s Club

8 Founders Ln
Princeton, NJ 08540

Getting Here


Please reach out to Harry Brelsford directly via phone/text at 206-915-3072 or email

SPONSORS (Present and Past)


Built on a scalable platform, N‑able offers secure infrastructure and tools to simplify complex ecosystems, as well as resources to navigate evolving IT needs. Approximately 25,000 IT services providers around the world trust N‑able solutions to run their business and secure and manage their small and mid-size enterprise customers. Visit N-Able!


“We made seven (7) appointments in the first 36-hours after the event! We’re very pleased and will repeat.

Chicago Sponsor

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15. Moscow, Russia 5/22/2014

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17. Reading, United Kingdom 4/1/2014

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19. Singapore, Singapore 3/14/2014

20. Stockholm, Sweden 5/27/2014

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22. Taipei, Taiwan 4/29/2014

23. Warsaw, Poland 6/4/2014



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